Detective Peter Hajek returns to work after caring for his terminally ill wife. He is assigned to investigate an attack on a national monument. As several government agencies examine lists of extremists, Hajek pursues an individual with a peculiar vendetta and successfully resolves the case.

Hajek’s swift action catches the attention of the New York City Police Commissioner and the Mayor. When the daughter of the mayor’s friend is murdered in her upper eastside apartment, Hajek is given the case.
Without strong leads in the high profile case, Hajek struggles to fit pieces together and capture the murderer. Hajek begins to receive negative feedback from his captain and realizes his career is in jeopardy.

In this fast paced novel, people handle day to day life problems with grit, humor, compassion, or violence. Readers may recognize their family, friends, and enemies in this story.



Five Star Fraud | Margaret G. Cahill | |