“I cannot tell you how many times when reading your book that my
reaction to a passage was to think “that reminds me of the case where…”
Your characters rang true. I could match them to people I have encountered
over the years. You show that whistleblowers and their families pay a high
price for doing the right thing. Your novel reflected reality so closely at
times it was spooky.”
--David Lochbaum,
Director, Nuclear Safety Project,
Union of Concerned Scientists

"Cahill's depiction of workplace dynamics is spot-on, and quite amusing."
--John Valeri, Hartford Book Examiner

“In Five Star Fraud, Cahill's dialogue is superb, and the action keeps readers engaged from page one until the end, leaving them hungry for the epilogue page to know what later became of each character in this timely and frighteningly believable novel.”
-- Angie Mangino Sacramento Book Review/ San Francisco Book Review

"Welcome to world of corrupt lawyers, government agencies and people in general." For full review click here Bookworm

FIVE STAR FRAUD is an excellent read---I couldn't put it down. Neil Landers is a
believable character who works for such a disreputable company that I immediately
connected with the scandals of the past five years in corporate America. Great fiction
with interesting scientific facts" -----D. Spigarolo, Bridgeport, CT

FIVE STAR FRAUD chronicles the travails of a scientist who notified the
government of blatant safety infractions within his company that imperiled
nuclear power plants. The government agency is hopelessly inept, the
company owners vicious and vindicative, and the lawyers are corrupt.
FIVE STAR FRAUD a thoughtful read, as well as an exciting one.”
--C. Noonan, Fairfax, VA

"FIVE STAR FRAUD is a 5 star read! It's a real page turner on the order of Silkwood
and in the tradition of other memorable whistleblower classics. Enduring trials and
tribulations they are unsung heroes of our age. This is a natural to be a movie. You
are in for a fast ride, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy."
---Bill Fox New Canaan, CT

FIVE STAR FRAUD is an electrifying read with a David-Goliath feel, pitting the
lone scientist versus corporate greed and fraud. The main character’s courage and
integrity are tested at every turn by a hostile work environment, inept government
regulators, greedy attorneys and possible pending nuclear disaster.”
---K. Cummings, Seattle, WA

“Neil Landers is an American hero. He gathers inner strength from the memory of his immigrant grandparents, his wife and a cast of characters he meets along his journey exposing corporate wrong doing to increase profits. The importance of watch dog
groups become evidently clear as the novel twists and turns at a fast pace.
FIVE STAR FRAUD exposes the dangers we live amongst every day.”
---T. McCuen, Gastonia, NC


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